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CRM’s benefits over Excel:

CRM vs Excel:

Companies that have not taken up CRM systems are missing out on the ability to effectively collect, analyze, and manage data. Many companies that do not use CRM, especially small businesses that are struggling to compete against their larger counterparts and rely on excel to manage their customer data may struggle to maintain a healthy growth.

Here are some benefits of CRM over the use of Excel spreadsheets:

Accessibility and CRM versus Excel: CRM is much more accessible than an excel sheet. The problem with excel is that its not really a place where you can share data with the team. CRM makes it easy to quickly assign records to another user across the whole system and search for data all in one place. Not only can you access this data on a computer, but CRM gives you the ability to download mobile apps and quickly access data on the go.

Customize for your Business Needs: CRM makes it easy to deploy custom packages that cater towards your businesses needs. For example, if your customer service teams need to run a customer retention survey, that functionality can easily be integrated with CRM and used to store the data from the survey in CRM. Based on the information collected, management can export or analyze the data straight from CRM. However, with excel, implementing such benefits are not possible and data can get lost.

Integration: In addition to being customizeable, CRM is also integrateable with other software such as accounting systems like XERO and Quickbooks, Marketing Automation like Mailchimp, and chat/voicemail systems. This will allow you to store data in CRM and have the records available in CRM anytime a transaction occurred or a chat occurred between a customer. This helps your users across the board on CRM because your sales team can use transcripts captured by the software and followup on potential deals or even help with support inquiries.