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Employee Happiness in the Workplace:

Making your employees happy comes a long way, especially since your team is the reason for your businesses growth and success. If an employer is good to his/her employees, as a result, employees will be happy at their job and outperform. It doesn’t even have to be the biggest acts of kindness at the company to get your employees happy. Sometimes providing snacks, free food, longer breaks, and incentives is all it takes; the most important is setting a culture that benefits your employees, which can come a long way to attain success.

Here are some tips of how employees happiness impacts the workplace:

  • A happy company will outperform your competition by 20%. Happiness spreads from one employee to another, this will lead to a more positive environment. When employees are happy then customers will be happy. Employees who are happy at work will be more enthusiastic and productive about what they are assigned to and will be more willing to help customers out.

  • If an employee is happy at their position, they will be more productive. Employee who are happy at work are 12% more productive throughout their day, compared to those who are not. Employees who are happy will waste less time and stay on top of each task assigned to them.

  • Happiness and Sales: If sales people are happy at their position, then there is a greater opportunity of closing a sale. Sales people who are happy where they work are 37% more likely of a making a sale. This significantly impacts your business because your company will experience growth and attain more revenue.

  • Employees who are happy at their current job tend to take less sick time. This ties into the productivity of employees because someone who is mentally and physically happy will look forward to coming into work and will take less time off or get less sick.