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How to Optimize your Lead Generation using Chat Bot Ninja:

Social media is great way for people to connect, make friends, and share memories. Social media is also a great tool to incorporate with your business to help bring in more leads, especially if you invest in integrating lead generation with CRM.

With Chat Bot Ninja you have the ability to automate lead generation by enabling Chat Bots for Facebook. This will automatically integrate with your CRM system and store the data that the chat tool gathers in CRM. This solution automates the process of capturing leads on your Facebook Fan page and creating those leads automatically in your CRM system upon the leads entering their information.

Why integrate Facebook, your website, and CRM:

  • You can integrate with all CRM systems. This includes SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Salesforce.Com, ZohoCRM, and any other CRM platform.
  • Client logs straight the person viewing your website into Facebook if they give it permission.
  • Once they are logged in, the lead get generated into CRM and even captures their profile image.
  • Automated questions in the Chat tool: Chat Bot asks the user questions and followup questions. This information automatically gets stored in CRM for your Sales people to followup up with. 

Watch tutorial here.

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