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Introduction to Marketing List Ninja

Are you using CRM to integrate with marketing platforms but are finding that there is no easy way in CRM to view which marketing target list a contact has been assigned to. This makes it hard for sales people to accurately assign contacts to specific mailing lists because there is no view in CRM showing you who is subscribed to which target list. This also leads to target campaigns being sent to the wrong contacts. Marketing List Ninja is the perfect solution that works with CRM to give you better access to viewing which contacts have been assigned to target lists.

How Marketing List Ninja Works: 

  • Marketing List Ninja creates a panel in your contact record to give the ability to see what lists a contact is subscribed to.
  • This will allow your sales and marketing teams to accurately target, and sell to your existing customers.
  • It also allows you to quickly add them to an existing list right from within the Contact Record.
  • Makes up-selling and cross-selling easier.
  • Better understanding of customer interests.

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