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Timesheet Ninja Enterprise for SuiteCRM (Monthly)


Timesheet Ninja Enterprise for SuiteCRM (Monthly)

Short Description

$110.00 / month

Track time and measure productivity against any and all modules in SugarCRM version 7, including support cases and project tasks. Have the ability to log against multiple modules on one timesheet and log against specific modules that more than one user is working on. Built in popup timer that lets you start, pause, and end calculating time. Log time manually using a daily matrix with a description or a weekly matrix without a description. Report, export, and invoice on the data collected in Timesheet Ninja Enterprise.

Product Description

Video Introduction

The Business Case for Tracking time in your CRM?

Want to improve payroll accuracy and better understand how much time your spending on sales, project, and related CRM activities? This module makes tracking time against any module in SuiteCRM a breeze and generates weekly time sheets for your staff! This Pro edition gives you a dedicated reporting module that allows you to report, and export all your timesheet data from within the system. Want to email a timesheet to your supervisor? This does it in seconds. Want to track how much time you spent on a client project? Do it in seconds.

Key Use Cases

– Track Employee Productivity – Learn where your employees are spending time their most time, and report on it.
– Project Management – Track time against projects in SugarCRM and measure resource utilization.
– Customer Support – Track time against customer support cases.
– Sales – Track sales rep time against opportunities and accounts and determine how long it takes to close deals.
– Customer Billing – Utilize your time sheets to bill your customers.
– Track Attendance – Utilize your time sheet interface to track attendance related to CRM users or contacts.

Why Timesheet Ninja Enterprise?

Timesheet Ninja Enterprise extends the function of the Timesheet Ninja plugin by giving your business a more in-depth understanding of how much time is being spent on tasks, support cases, and other modules in CRM. Not only can you log time against all modules in CRM but Timesheet Ninja Enterprise visually gives you a better representation of that data without having to manually track project tasks or cases. Project Tasks and Cases can now automatically be tracked on the page with a popup timer that follows you in CRM and accurately tracks time across the record. Once you click “End”, the timer will accurately calculate the time into your timesheet, which eliminates the need to track time manually and gives a more accurate figure of how much time was spent on project tasks and cases.

Key Features of Timesheet Ninja Enterprise:

– Popup Timer with duration, “Start”, “Pause”, and “End” buttons.
– Timer follows you to every page on CRM.
– Precise Time tracking capability that instantly records in timesheet record.
– 30 minute warning that tells you your timer is running.
– Mechanism that shuts the timer off in 15 minutes if the user does not click continue at the 30 minute prompt.
– The ability to log time in a weekly view or daily view.
– Have multiple users logtime against one task, without having the need to duplicating tasks.
– Log against all modules on one time sheet.
– Report on data in CRM in a Reporting Module.
– Invoice on the timesheet data.

Screenshots of Timesheet Ninja Enterprise:

Log against all modules in CRM:

Dashlet indicating running Timers.

Popup Timer for Cases and Project Tasks in real-time.

Log time daily for the week with a description.

Log time in a weekly matrix.

Timesheet View.

Logtime against all Modules on one Timesheet with Global Timesheet Entry Form.

Report on Data.