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SuiteCRM Hosting

Sign up for the SuiteCRM Basic Hosting Plan to get a free instance of SuiteCRM. With the SuiteCRM Basic plan, you get a fully functional SuiteCRM instance for FREE with no monthly costs included into the plan. This plan is perfect for start-ups that are trying to learn the benefits of CRM and larger companies that want to cut costs on other CRM monthly plans.

The Basic plan includes the core CRM functions of storing Contact information, creating Cases, creating Accounts and Opportunities, creating Projects and Project Tasks, and increasing your customer service, sales, and marketing ability. Under the Basic plan, a total of 5 Users can utilize the functionality of SuiteCRM.

Upgrade Your Services with CRM for more Functions:

If you have more than 5 Users and want priority support for your CRM, upgrade to the Suite CRM monthly plans.

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