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The Connection Between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership:

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is a persons capability to recognize their own emotions and more importantly the capability to recognize the emotions of others. For a business to succeed, individuals working in an environment together; whether the relationship consists of employer and employee or coworkers, it is important for people to discern between emotions.  This kind of intelligence helps people maintain goals, relationships, and helps people adapt to the workplace environment.

Someone with high emotional intelligence will express attributes of empathy, high motivation, high self-esteem, high commitment, and a person who will not make negative decisions. All these attributes will positively impact business growth and the overall atmosphere in the business because high emotional intelligence leads to individuals inspiring others and strong leadership.

Impact of High Emotional Intelligence:

  • The more inclined an individual is to their own and others emotions, the more positive the environment ill seem. As a result, people will be happier and more likely to be productive and driven.

  • A workplace with happier employee will have an overall increase in job performance. Individuals who are able to maintain better control of their emotions will be able to perform better for the business. This leads to more success and more wins for the business because employee overall feel better and are more enthusiastic to work with.
  • Employee or employers that have a high emotional intelligence are more likely to lead to sales growth. Sales people who have a high emotional intelligence will outperform those employee with low levels of emotional intelligence.