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The Top 3 Reasons to Choose OpenSourceCRMHosting vs. Amazon Marketplace or Bitnami

We are living in a world with many technology choices for Customer Relationship Management software, and with the growth of Infrastructure as a Service in the industry, we are seeing an increase interest from customers and prospects on understanding what is the difference between CRM applications hosted on Amazon, or CRM applications delivered through our cloud offering.  Here are my top 3 reasons on how we differentiate on delivering Open Source CRM applications in the cloud vs. Amazon, or Bitnami:

#1) Customer Support & Expertise – When you spin up a CRM application image like SuiteCRM on Bitnami or Amazons’ AWS Marketplace, you do not get any customer support on the application.  As you may or may not know, CRM applications like SuiteCRM or vTiger CRM have a ton of tweaking, configuring, and best practices that you need to learn about before your CRM implementation becomes effective. With our best in class hosting of our CRM applications, we provide you the training, the customer support, and best practices to get you started. When you launch an Amazon or Bitnami CRM application, you are on your own with learning how to deploy it, use it, and set it up properly.  Unless you have a team of developers your paying to manage this environment, it does not make sense to implement a production instance of a CRM application on Bitnami or Amazon.  It makes total sense to host with us if you do not have the IT Team.

#2) No Hidden Costs – Many think that Amazon is the lowest cost provider of Infrastructure, but many who have used them have highlighted their hidden costs when it comes to billing.  However, what about the other hidden costs around your time?  Do you have a backup strategy for your CRM app?  How about application and database maintenance? Your software upgrades? Or the configuration you need to do to setup CRM features like schedulers and workflow?  Unless your an IT savvy person with alot of time on your hands, you will be spending additional money and time to get this configured. Our OpenSource solutions are hosted in the cloud, and are turn key in getting your business up and running on CRM as soon as possible. No worrying about back up strategy, configuration, or anything.

#3) Simple CRM with Predictable Pricing – Our Open Source CRM solutions are hosted in the cloud and delivered as software as a service.  Amazon is giving you Infrastructure as a Service with a CRM application installed on a server and they are billing you on a per minute basis.  If you have more users you want to add to your CRM app, it is a mystery to figure out what your costs are going to be on Amazon or Bitnami.  With OpenSourceCRM Hosting’s CRM applications, you get a simplified pricing experience based on your users and enabled features of CRM.  This means, that unless your a developer, You get the CRM application and that is all you need to get your business running.  With Amazon or Bitnami, you really get administrative and development tools design but the hidden costs of this is generally in the areas that most businesses do not fully understand.