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What frustrates customers the most?

Have you ever had an inquiry or technical issue and decided to call customer support about your issue? If so, how did your experience look like? Were you put on hold, transferred over, or did you only get an automated service with no support from another person? These are the issues many people face when calling customer service. As a result, the tiniest flaw in your business’s customer service can drive customers away to your competitors.

Many businesses struggle with perfecting their customer service. These are the most common issues customers face when contacting a customer service hotline:

  • One of the worst experiences a customer can have is going through the flow of customer service representatives and re-explaining the issue they are encountering.  Around 42% of respondents in the survey taken by Consumer Tipping Points, stated that they hate explaining their issue to multiple customer service agents. This prolongs their issue and some don’t get their issue fixed. A good way to fix this is giving your customer service team the correct training and only escalating the issue if they went through the proper flow of resolving the issue.

  • Secondly, 17% of customers state that being kept on hold frustrates them the most. One of the worst things is being put on hold for more than an hour. To fix this, simply adding more representatives so that customers aren’t waiting more than 10 minutes on hold.
  • Getting an inexperienced or rude customer service agent can significantly impact your customer retention. A customer may contact customer services and have to deal with an agent that is not helpful and makes the customers experience worse. Sometimes providing better training to customer service agents fixes the issue of inexperience, however to filter through the representatives that are being rude to customer, sending out a survey about customer experience would help you track which agents are helpful.