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Whats coming in Timesheet Ninja Release 8?

We are excited to announce new features coming in our next release of Timesheet Pro now known as Timesheet Ninja.  Scheduled for a February 2017 release.  Here is a review of what is coming:

  • Automatic Timer on Cases – We already have an automatic timer on project tasks, and now we are incorporating the ability to automatically track time on support cases with an automatic timer.  Ideal for businesses who use Sugar or SuiteCRM to track how much time you spend managing support cases in your business.
  • Ability to Generate an Invoice in SuiteCRM from Reporting Module – We already give you the reporting tools to identify how much time is spent against a project so you can bill your customers.  In this coming release we give you integration with SuiteCRM’s invoice module so that you can seamlessly generate an invoice from the reporting module and bill your customers directly within SuiteCRM.
  • New UI Enhancements – A new view to give you seamless access to enter data in your timesheets with ease and on mobile devices.  We are also including a notes field.

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