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Whats new in Timesheet Ninja Release 8?

We are excited to announce new features already released to our customers.  Here is what you can do now:

  • Automatic Timer on Support Cases – We brought the ability to automatically track time on support cases with a built in automatic timer.  Ideal for businesses who use Sugar or SuiteCRM to track how much time you spend managing support cases in your business.  
  • Ability to Generate an Invoice Using any Period of Timesheet Data – Now you can bill your customers by extracting all your time logged against a project for any period of time, then generate an invoice in SuiteCRM.  Want to bill your customers weekly, monthly or quarterly?  This feature gives you all you need to bill your clients.
  • New Notes Field – A new view to add notes to your tasks to help remind you of what you were doing or to tag information in the time sheet view.  
  • Better Mobile Timesheet Views – Enter all your timesheet days on a mobile device with out having to scroll.  Our new Timesheet UI enables you to enter time for any 5 days of the week more efficiently.