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Why CRM is popular for sales?

CRM is a vital tool that helps sales teams increase their customer retention and achieve greater sales in the short and long run. This helps your business grow because CRM helps your sales team keep organized and enables the sales team to keep track of their sales, leads, and opportunities.

  • A reason why CRM is beneficial to your business is because all customer data is supported in one place. There is no need to go to several excel or word documents and look for data.
  • Around 61% percent of all sales people use CRM to access the vital data which helps them close deals with customers.
  • CRM increases sale! A total of 75% of sales teams state that CRM helps with winning sales and increasing their sales pipeline. This ties into the other two points that CRM gives your team the ability to easily access the data needed and stay organized.
  • Increased Productivity: CRM is great with helping improve productivity in your business. CRM removes the unnecessary need to look for data in spreadsheets, instead sales teams can just look up a customer by name, last name, email, or other and get all the information. Then once they complete the sale, all information gathered from the sale is stored in CRM. This is the same with leads and opportunities.

  • Lastly, not only does CRM improve organization and productivity for the sales teams; but CRM has the capability to increase revenue by 41% per Sales Representative, increase sales conversion by 300%, customer retention by a rate of 27%, and lead to an increase in profit margins overall for the company.